23 Mar Fuji’s Kaizen firmware upgrade policy takes another leap forward

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Thanks to Fuji’s policy of continually upgrading older cameras, Bill’s X-Pro2 is getting a worthwhile feature boost, all for free

Q. How do you get what is effectively a whole new camera for nothing?

A. Use a Fuji.

The word is out that owners of both X-T2 and X-Pro2 bodies have a lot to look forward to at the end of this month and again towards the end of May. Fuji are releasing two big firmware upgrades for the two cameras. Some features are intended to “level up” the functionality between Fuji’s twin flagships, giving the X-Pro2 features previously only found in the X-T2 and vice versa, while others are new and welcome changes that enhance still further the already excellent Fuji X-Series feature set.

I’m not going to go through the laundry list here, but I just wanted to draw to your attention a few upgrades that have particularly caught my eye.

Raw in bracketing and advanced filters

This is really useful and a feature that I was mulling over only a week ago in my article on the new X100F. Being able to shoot raw+jpg fine in all the bracketing modes, including film simulations is great news. I’m not too bothered about advanced filters, but I’m sure someone will be. This is an upgrade that I’d really like to see on the X100F later in the year.

“Auto” setting added for the minimum shutter speed in the ISO Auto setting.

A nice touch this. It enables the camera to decide the minimum shutter speed based upon the focal length of the lens attached.

Addition of a smaller Focus Point size in Single Point AF.

This will be ideal for critical focusing. I’m not a spray and pray shooter so I like the ability to pick my focus point to a nicety.

Name Custom Settings.

About time too! This will improve usability no end and brings the Fuji X Series up to the level of my Ricoh GR in this regard….

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