13 Oct Fujinon XF23mm F2 R WR: New must-have lens for Fuji shooters

Source: Macfilos

The phone rang last week and I became unreasonably excited. The nice chaps at London Camera Exchange in Guildford had come through for me once again and snagged one of the very first production 23mm F2 R WR lenses to make it into the wild in the UK.

To put this news into context, a little history.  For much of the past 25 years I was a Leica man. I used them all — LTM, R and M. Not the digitals, save for the Panasonic clones. I never felt they quite got them right, from the lamentable M8 onwards.  I always travelled light by choice — one or sometimes two M bodies (an M7 .85 and an occasional M2), a 50mm Elmar-M, a 35mm Summicron and a 90mm Elmarit-M.

When I felt the need for reach I added a 135mm but that core “holy trinity” of 35-50-90mm focal lengths formed the basis of my go-anywhere, do-anything travel kit for a couple of decades. With it I could shoot pretty well whatever I wanted and it served me in good stead from Hawaii to Hanoi, from the Cape of Good Hope to the Arctic Circle.

Peas from the same pod: 23mm and 35mm have the same genes and provide true 35mm and 50mm equivalents for Fuji shooters.

Seeing the light

When I saw the light a few years ago and bailed out of Leica ownership in favour of Fuji X the one thing that gave me pause was that I couldn’t easily duplicate that…

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