28 Mar Fujinon XF 50 mm f/2 R WR – lens review

Source: Lens Tip

The Fujifilm company is very consistent when it comes to developing their line-up of fixed focal length lenses. They offer them in two varieties: faster f/1.2-1.4 instruments, and slower f/2.0 devices. The latter series consists of five models and all of them are presented in the following chart.

The newest product in that group, the Fujinon XF 50 mm f/2 R WR, was launched in January 2017. It is a physically small instrument (but made completely of metal), weather-sealed and, additionally, produced in Japan. Courtesy of the Fujifilm company we got one specimen of that interesting optical instrument for our tests and now we can share the impressions with our Readers – enjoy!


  • handy but solid and weather-sealed casing,
  • brilliant image quality in the frame centre,
  • good image quality on the edge of the frame,
  • negligible spherical aberration,
  • low lateral chromatic aberration,
  • sensible coma correction,
  • negligible astigmatism,
  • sensible performance against bright light,
  • silent, sensibly quick and accurate autofocus on the X-T2 body……

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