19 Jan Fujinon 50mm f/2 first look – Completing compact

Source: Jonas Rask

A compact 50mm, to complete the Fujinon f/2 nifty lens trilogy has finally arrived. And it’s fantastic.

 Back in the fall of 2015 I reviewed the newly released 35mm f/2. It is an awesome lens, that I to this day still use on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Then a year later, in fall 2016, Fujifilm released yet another small compact weather resistant prime. The 23mm f/2. – And now january 2017, they’re releasing a third in the series of small and fast lenses for the X series.

I first laid my eyes and hands on a working prototype of this lens back at Photokina. Even though nowhere final, the couple of images I took showed definite promise.
Fastforward to christmas 2016, and I got to test it out for a couple of weeks. The only problem was that I already had my hands more than full with the X100F and the GFX. So I didn’t really get much shooting done.

Just a couple of days prior to leaving for London earlier this week, I got a chance to bring one with me. I had an idea to do a “portraits of London” type thing. But that kind of amounted to a big fat nothing. – Instead I used it as a general purpose short tele lens on the streets.


The lens itself lends from the XF23 f/2 and XF35 f/2 with build and feel. All metal construction. Firm aperture clicks. Nicely dampened focus ring and a…

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