13 Sep FujiLove Podcast

Source: Ian Macdonald Photography

Good morning everyone,

Just a quick heads up that I am the guest on this month’s FujiLove Podcast. We talked about defining our photographic styles (or rather, not defining them), inspiration and motivation, why we pursue photography, why we shoot Fujifilm and of course about this gear that we love so much.

You can find the podcast here (it is episode 20):


…and of course on iTunes and other assorted places too.

If you aren’t already following FujiLove I highly recommend doing so.  It is a wonderful community of people (both on the website and on the Facebook group) that offers a lot of free content to its readers.  Additionally, there is a paid option that provides a beautiful monthly magazine and educational videos.  FujiLove also hosts workshops around the world… they really are doing great things for the community.



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