28 Feb FujiLove Magazine Assignment Winner: Barbara Lewis

Source: Fuji Love

Barbara Lewis is the winner of the January FujiLove Magazine photo assignment “Layers” (see the winning photograph above). We wanted to know more about Barbara and her work. Here comes our conversation with her! Tomash: Who is Barbara Lewis? Barbara: I am a photographer. Photography is my passion, and my camera is my constant companion. I currently live in America’s Pacific Northwest with all its trees and natural beauty to photograph while also loving to travel and discover our wonderful world with so much to see, feel, capture, and express with my camera. Through it I focus on meaningful and beautiful parts of life in a way that nourishes and soothes my soul. I can then share my soul vision with interested others.  Nothing else fulfills me so completely. When did you start using the Fujifilm camera system and what are its features that you enjoy the most? My X100F is my 5th Fujifilm camera! I also own an X-T2.  (My first Fujifilm camera was an X-E1 bought in 2013, followed by an X-T1 and X100T.) I appreciate the X100F, because it reminds me of my old film cameras and because of its portability and excellent lens, which being fixed, lessens decisions […]

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