01 Aug Fujiholics Edinburgh Walk

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I won’t bore you with the train journey details from Liverpool to Edinburgh lets just say it was the School holidays and Virgin did a far better job than Transpennine Express !

I still prefer to take the Train to Edinburgh than to drive, but one thing I have learned from this weekend is that if you take the train from its starting point station, you will get to sit in your booked seats.  If you pick up the train three of four stops down the line chances are you wont be able to get on the train let alone get to your seat ! These train companies really do need to start investing in more carriages.

I stayed at the Travelodge Haymarket, it’s not the most modern Travelodge in the world and its walls are paper thin so its not that quiet but its out of the main part of the city so no outside noise at night and in a great location as well as a great price, also this Travelodge has quirky rooms ! Every room is diferent and for that reason alone its well worth the visit.

This was one of the best walks I have ever had in Edinburgh, amazing group of like minded people. Some did say it was more of a Pub Crawl than a Photowalk but I did not hear any complaints ! I must admit there was a small amount of Beer consumed along the route.

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