Many of you know I’ve posted a few articles on the crushed black levels the Xpro2 video clips produce. Turns out, this may be inherent to all Fuji cameras when it comes to shooting video, including the new X-T2.

Wilecoyote, posted this information on another site:

There seems to be a bug in the Firmware of Fujifilm X cameras that leads to a reduction of the displayed tonal range of recorded videos:

The pixel value of each color channel in an 8 bit RGB video may be any integer value in the full range [0,255]. However, there exists a convention (which emerged from the history of video technology) that allows to only use values in the range [16,235], which is called video range. So a completely black pixel, which would be a 0 in full range, is a 16 in video range and the same goes for white, which is a 255 in full range and a 235 in video range.

The information whether a video’s pixel format is full range or video range is stored in the video file itself in the case of h264 video, which is recorded by Fujifilm cameras, so that the video player knows how to interpret the pixel values in the video. If that flag is not set, so that information is not given, most players assume that the video is in video range.

And although Fujilm cameras record video in full range, which is a really good thing because more color information is provided that way (thanks Fuji!), is seems that the according flag is missing so that many players and editing programs interpret the videos as video range and therefore cut the tonal range!

Some editing programs might provide a setting to interpret the videos as full range, which should be activated. Otherwise, I don’t know an easy way how to fix this unfortunately.

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It would appear this is all accurate information, and I’d also like to credit RogerJonze for his post on how this is remedied in Da Vinci Resolve 12.5 – his instruction is to simply right-click on the Fuji video clip(s) in the browser, and change the clip attribute from it’s default “AUTO” to “FULL” this will correct the crushed black levels.