19 Apr Fujifilm’s wildly popular instant film cameras go digital

Source: Fujifilm Insider

We’re fans of Fujifilm’s fantastically fun Instax cameras. These instant film cameras give the younger generation a chance to experience what it was like to shoot old-school Polaroids, and it’s no surprise that these cameras are perennial bestsellers.

But, there’s always been a bit of a catch when shooting either Instax mini or Instax wide film—neither of the two rectangular options matched the iconic square look of a proper Polaroid. Well, with the new Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10, you’ll finally be able to get the square pictures of your dreams.

The Instax SQ10 uses brand-new film that’s pretty darn close to Polaroid-sized, albeit a bit smaller in every dimension. What’s really interesting is that Fujifilm is using to a new hybrid imaging system that essentially couples a digital camera to a system that exposes the analog film, just like how the  Instax Share printers work. Fujifilm says that it enables the camera to have much better autofocus with face detection, and even improved image quality in low-light.

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