15 Feb Fujifilm’s Prime Lens Trinities: Which Is Right For You?

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Fujifilm shooters find themselves in an interesting dilemma of late with there now being two clear prime trinity setups that one could choose from. On one hand you have the newer, weather sealed, and smaller F2 variants in 23mm, 35mm, and 50mm. On the other hand, you have the F1.4 23mm and 35mm, and the F/1.2 56mm.

Each trinity has its pros and cons, and each has uses that work better for some niches of photography than others. So today we wanted to look at Fujifilm’s two prime trinities and sort of break them down to share which you should be considering based on what you shoot and what you are looking for from your prime lenses.

The Fujifilm F2 Trinity

The newer of the two trinities, the F2 series started with the 35mm F2 R WR and has now expanded to include the 23mm F2 R WR and the 50mm F2 R WR. These lenses are all fairly compact, offer a fairly fast aperture of F2, are weather sealed and focus quickly, accurately, and quietly with all of Fujifilm’s latest bodies.

They have been popular choices for street photographers and travel photographers. Anyone who needs a compact weather resistant system will fall in love with these lenses. The only real downside to them as a whole is that at F2 on the Fujifilm system, bokeh-addicts may not be satisfied in all situations. Well that, and with the 23mm F2 you suffer from a few sharpness declines….

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