21 Mar Fujifilm XF 70-300mm f4-5.6 WR

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Xpro3 Provia 70-300mm 70mm 1/60 f4 ISO160

I was not going to write to much about camera gear going forward, but after mentioning on facebook and twitter that I had brought the new Fujifilm 70-300mm, I had quite a few people ask me to let them know how I found it. So instead of contacting everyone individually I thought I would write a short blog post. I am no longer a Fujifilm Ambassador and am now retired from Photography so this is completely independent from any company. I always wrote the truth about my camera gear even as an Ambassador but now you really do know I am not getting paid to say good things about this lens.

I must point out that I have not been out with a camera for a while and this is the first time I have used the XPro3 and the first time I have used the 70-300mm. So I just got a few shots on my morning walk for this blog, the wether was dull and overcast. I shot JPEG’s on Provia. I have not read up on this lens or camera and not read the manuals. So these are my thoughts out of the box.

So why did I buy this lens ? I sold a 50-140mm and two XT3 bodies and quite a bit of other Fujifilm gear to lighten my load. The reason I got in to the Fujifilm system was to save weight and carry less gear. It

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