11 Apr Fujifilm XF 70-300mm f4-5.6 WR Update

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Across the Mersey Fuji Xpro3

One of the main reasons for buying this 70-300mm was reach and weight ! I have had the 50-140mm and the 100-400mm and both lenses were amazing and lighter than the DSLR equivalent, but still heavy lumps of glass. To some people this will not matter but as I get older I want to walk or cycle further but carry less. One of the reasons I hung on to the 50-140mm for so long was for that one occasion I might see an Otter !! This was pure madness ! Not because I might only see one Otter a year but because if I did see one my 50-140mm would still be in my house or anywhere except with me. In fact I have walked up and down the Mersey for several years thinking how great the light looks over the water but did not have a decent lens with me.

Across the Mersey 70-300mm Fuji Xpro3

Well that’s all changed ! I go out every day now with my XPro3 with the 70-300mm bolted on. Its not got in my the way once and its been hanging around my neck every day. There have been a couple of close calls when I bend down to pick up Jake’s Poo but I have managed to avoid that disaster so far !

I would never have taken the 50-140mm or 100-400mm as

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