22 Apr Fujifilm X70 Review: Exploring the Fuji’s World

Source: Fujifilm Insider

It’s always interesting to review a new product coming from Fujifilm and the case is no different this time. Today, at our hands, we have one of the company’s newer products, the Fujifilm X70. It’s one of these cameras that tries to blend a traditional mirrorless camera boasting a large APS-C sensor with a fixed lens, turning it essentially into a compact camera. It’s an interesting hybrid of a camera that should appeal to many different types of photographers, but mostly to those seeking a capable street camera or look for something that can get them high-quality images, but without the hassle of having to change lenses and invest in them.

The X70 promises to do just that, with a high-quality body, a plenty of manual controls, a touchscreen and a 28 mm equivalent wide angle lens that should provide just the right field of view for everyday shooting. However, it’s not a camera targeted especially at professional users, since they will surely miss the lack of a viewfinder, so those people should look further down the Fuji’s range and take a look at one of their X100 series of cameras. So, let’s take a quick look at what the X70 really has to offer….

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