05 Feb Fujifilm X100V: why it feels like missed opportunity

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I was intrigued to discuss the X100V with my colleague Carey as he wrote his initial impressions. Intrigued because, while I completely understand his perspective and recognize the things he likes about the new camera, I found myself having the opposite impression.

We’ve both owned original X100s (though with its somewhat Germanic styling, I think of it as the Ur-X100, rather than the O.G), and we both love the look, the feel and the pictures they produce.

I don’t dislike the additions

I completely agree with him about the appeal of the tilting rear screen. I was never part of the faction clamoring for one but it’s something I felt was missing on the wide-angle Panasonic LX100 II, so I’m certainly not against it being added.

If you’re going to try to satisfy a group that screaming for a touchscreen and another being equally adamant that ‘an X100 has to have a fixed screen’ then this is the way to do it: with a piece of engineering that means you can ignore it if you prefer

Likewise the touchscreen. I think the joystick that appeared with the X100F did everything I might want to achieve with a touchscreen, but I’m not put-out at all that Fujifilm’s added one. Sure, I find its behavior a little annoying (or perhaps just unfamiliar: it’s early days, after all), but I can always turn it off, if I don’t get used to it.

The best (and worst) of the X-Pro3

Two things

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