22 Nov Fujifilm X100V: On the Joy of Shooting

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The world does not need another review of the X100V. They are already everywhere – Facebook, YouTube, print magazines, reviewers’ blogs, auto repair waiting rooms, bakeries, daycares. Is the X100V the perfect camera? Yes. Over and over. Is the X100V as good as its buzz? Yes. And yes, you should buy one right away. I get it. No, I take that back. I can’t get away from it. But, for some reason, I keep reading them, watching them, thinking about them. I’ve watched a dozen unboxings. I’ve seen first-blush reviews, street reviews, six-month reviews, comparison reviews, and more. This is strange because, for me, the camera is wrong in every way. My walk-around lens is a 10-24mm wide angle zoom. That’s how I see. I like the very wide view. The other lens I use most often is an 18-140mm, which I bring out when I need the 100+ range. Although I own a 35 and an 85 prime, they are not frequently on the camera. Looking at several months of recent work, it seems I shoot nothing—nothing at all—at the 24mm range. I’m not against it. It’s just either not the image in my head or the situation at […]

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