27 Nov Fujifilm X100T – Trying To Build A Relationship

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It’s a fine camera, that’s for sure, but somehow we just got off on the wrong foot, and maybe it’s time to work on that relationship. As much as I buy into the ideal of the all in one fixed focal length of the X100 series I’ve just never really managed to get to grips with the practical limitations of that one stop option, although obviously many do. Before the curses start flying I’ll clear the air by saying that this not a review of the camera, it’s simply a personal opinion based on my own preferences and experiences. For around 30 years I’ve been making a living by taking pictures and writing, mostly cycling and travel related work. During that time have used a number of fixed focal length and fixed lens cameras, from simple point and shoots to high end rangefinders, mostly dating back to the film days. It’s only really now, as I write this, that I realise just how many fixed focal length cameras I have used over the years. Despite the fond memories I have of them of them I also note that I do have somewhat of a rose tinted view of my past […]

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