14 Mar Fujifilm x100F – review

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Valérie kept posting. The photos looks really impressive for a quasi pocket sized camera with the the power of Acros simulation, substantial autofocus improvement over the X100T and and including skins tones in jpes. I bought it about three weeks back and was lucky to have got it within a day after it was released in Sydney. Very impressed playing with tiny monster even though I knew what to expect having read a lot of posts on it.

You can’t really put this camera in a jeans pocket like the Ricoh GR2. But when you have such tremendous power in the palm of your hand its not something you should treat lightly. Wear it with a wrist band and go make memories.

I will share a few things that I love about this small beast and also some that I think could have been done better. That being said no camera is perfect. The key thing to remember is when you have so much control in such a tiny body it can easily get a little complicated too. Its strength can also also be its weakness in different scenarios. However, for an ‘on the go’ street/documentary or even a travel camera – Fuji you have raised the bar. Again!

Here are a few of my observations….

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