24 Mar Fujifilm X100F & Kodalith Film Emulations

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Around this time of the year, two things are pretty constant in my diary; The Photography Show & Ladies Day at Cheltenham Races.

This year, the races came a few days before TPS and I decided to take my Fujifilm X100F with me, as opposed to the X70 that I took last year, or the X30 that I took the year before.

For some reason, perhaps the economic climate, perhaps the weather, I’m not sure, but the course didn’t feel as alive as previously and I decided upon arriving at Cheltenham to shoot as much of the character of the people, as opposed to those gambling.  I never concentrate on the horses when I’m there.  For me, I’m totally interested in the people.  Much to the annoyance of the group of friends I go with as I’m always disappearing during the races with my camera.

I didn’t shoot much to be honest.  It was a struggle.  The light was harsh and the ambience a little muted.  In total I took around 300 frames.

I’ve been using Alien Skin Exposure more for my personal stuff recently and I had been dabbling with a very high contrast black and white recipe based on the Kodalith film simulation in ASE….

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