29 Aug Fujifilm X100f EDC

Source: Fujifilm Insider

I have waited several months to post my thoughts on the new Fujifilm X100f. I wanted to get comfortable with the camera before I said anything about my experience using it. Now that 5 months have passed, I think I can talk about it fairly well from a user standpoint. This will not be a technical review. There are many websites that offer an in depth technical review of the X100f, I will just talk about my feelings and how I use the camera in this post.

Before I start let me say that I firmly believe that photography is, and should be, more about the photographer than the equipment. Although I will admit equipment does play a role in image making. I am reminded of my grandfather. He was a carpenter. As a kid he took me with him on many of his jobs. I think he got conned into baby sitting, but I loved it, and he enjoyed having me around, the way granddad’s do. On several occasions over the years I went with him as he picked out a new hammer. He needed a new one every so often because he used ones with leather wrapped handles and they would wear out after a couple of years. Choosing a hammer was a several hour process. Granddad would test the weight and feel of the hammer, then take a few to the rear of the shop where there was a lumber yard, and test them out. He would drive a few different size nails into boards to get the feel and test the performance of the hammer. When he made the purchase he left the store with a new friend, a constant companion that would be hanging from his nail pouch 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, until it was time for a new one. Cameras are like that for me. Just a tool, and yet, a little more than just a tool.…

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