27 Mar Fujifilm X100F Digital Camera First Impressions:

Source: Fujifilm Insider

I’ve been testing the new Fuji X100F with the two tele-conversion lenses, and my first impressions are that I may be in-love :).  Seriously.  There are definitely some notable improvements to the camera like the new 24.3 MP sensor that is found in other X Series cameras like the X-T2 and X-Pro2.  However, none of the improvements have changed the overall formula that has helped this camera reach almost a cult following.

Fuji X100F Build Quality:

I owned an original X100 when it was first released, and one of the features that I loved most about it was how downright solid the camera felt.  I’ve used almost every single X Series camera out, and I just never quite got that same feeling from them.  Don’t get me wrong; they are all built very well but to me, the X100 always felt a tad better.  I haven’t shot with any of the X100s in a long time but when I picked up the new X100F for the first time, I instantly felt the solidness of the camera.


As for appearance, the Fuji X100F looks like other X100 cameras of the past but there are actually quite a few differences.  The analog controls, which are one of the main reasons to purchase this camera, are still here but there are a few changes to them.  For one, there are some changes to the controls of the top plate.  The shutter speed dial for instance, has the ISO dial built into it.  This design is similar to the X-Pro2’s minus the locking shutter speed, and for the most part, I am definitely a fan of it.  It allows you to quickly adjust ISO speed whether the camera is on or off.  The exposure compensation dial allows up to ±3 steps but also has a “C” position…..

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