18 Jan Fujifilm X-T4 vs X-S10

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The Fujifilm X-T4 sits at the top of the company’s X series, and is probably our favorite APS-C camera right now. We found its in-body stabilization, improved AF tracking and larger battery give significant advantages over the already very good X-T3, especially if you shoot video.

But the company’s mid-range X-S10 brings in-body stabilization to a much more accessible price point and shares a lot of the X-T4’s features and capabilities. Does the more affordable camera provide everything you need or is it worth the extra money for the flagship model?

We’ll take a look at the factors you might want to consider.


Perhaps the biggest difference between the two cameras is the way they handle. The X-T4 looks and operates like an early automatic film SLR, with dedicated dials for shutter speed and ISO, and assuming you’ll use the aperture ring that’s present on most X-mount lenses.

The X-S10, by contrast, uses unmarked command dials to change key exposure settings and a conventional mode dial for selecting the exposure mode. On the X-T4, exposure mode is defined by which settings dials have be set to their ‘A’ auto positions.

The X-T4 also has command dials, which can be used to control exposure if you prefer, with a combination of dial positions and menu settings letting you hand off control for a more DSLR-like experience.


Other differences between the two cameras are their respective size and build.

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