20 Feb Fujifilm X-T30 Vlogging Test in Chinatown

Source: Big Head Taco

The first thing is that I was very impressed with the autofocus. It rarely missed focus, and kept my eyes in focus at all times. Auto exposure, I did notice some stepping, but that could be because I had both aperture and ISO on auto. Next time I will set the aperture as well, and see if the auto ISO can transition smoother. White balance was decent and I was reasonably happy with it indoors where there wasn’t too much tricky tungsten or mixed lighting. The audio on the MIC-ST1 isn’t as good as the Rode VideoMicro, and I was actually impressed with the built in microphone, but only in controlled environments, like inside my car. Finally, although I like the field of view of the XF 10-24mm lens, I wish the stabilization was slightly better when I was walking. I could have improved it if I attached a mini tripod on the bottom like a gimbal to stabilize better while walking.

Overall I’m happy with this vlogging set-up. I wouldn’t say the X-T3 is too heavy to vlog, but the X-T30 reminded me of the size and weight of the X-E3 but with improved AF, eye focus, tally light and improved audio. Although a fully articulating screen would have been appreciated, the tally light and really good AF tracking and eye focus allows me to fully trust what the camera is doing. Look for more video tests and my first shooting impressions video soon. Thanks for watching, don’t forget to go samurai on the like button and tell your friends.

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