19 Feb Fujifilm X-T30: the little GIANT is ready for full-scale video production

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Designed, says Fujifilm, to meet the needs of full-scale video production, the newest APS-C sensor camera of the X family has arrived. The X-T30 costs $899, body only.

While everybody was discussing the merits (or not) of Canon’s new mirrorless camera, the EOS RP, Fujifilm introduced its newest model, the X-T30, which one can sum as “a X-T3 without some features and with a lower price”. One thing in common for Canon and Fujifilm launches: both have created discussions online about the features present ( or removed) from the cameras. What many seem to forget, in Canon’s case, is that the Canon EOS RP costs $1299 (confirming that Canon is trying to make this a new EOS 300D success) and that Canon continues to protect its Cinema EOS line, and the top models, taking away features as they see fit. Yes, sometimes it is hard to see the logic behind some decisions, but the truth is one: Canon continues to sell.

With the Fujifilm X-T30 the reasons may be different, but the camera has some missing features, some explained by the fact that it costs $899 – and so can not have all the features of the X-T3 – and some others by design, as apparently Fujifilm has decided to change some of the interface. For some users this is enough, they write online, to move to a completely new system. I must say it continues to puzzle me the amount of people that, every other month, move from one system to another, because they don’t like something their – apparently “temporarily” –  elected brand made. It must be a sign of the times, and also the influence of so many said Internet “influencers”…

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