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My first Fuji camera back in 2015 was the X-T10 which I bought at the time with the intention of using as a back up camera to my Nikon D800E.  I was immediately impressed with what a pleasure it was to use and how good the image quality was.  It also struck me that it was laudable of Fuji to give exactly the same sensor and image quality from their flagship cameras to a lower end model.

Since then I’ve switched over completely to Fuji and now use the X-T2 as my full time camera, but with the X-T20 Fuji have done the same trick again – putting the same sensor, image quality and autofocus as their top-of-the-line models into a much cheaper camera.  This time though it was less than year since the launch of the X-T2, a camera which I still consider to be “new”, so clearly it’s an aggressive policy by Fuji and they aren’t afraid of cannibalising sales of their own cameras.  I had the opportunity to talk to Fuji about it and they feel that each of their cameras has a distinct market, the X-Pro 2, the X-T2 and X100F and the X-T20, and that people will choose which is best for them based more on features and how they use the camera.  So this raises the question of what are the practical differences between the X-T2 and X-T20?…

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