07 Jul Fujifilm X-T2 vs X-Pro2: Sportster vs Hipster?

Fujifilm’s two flagship cameras have finally arrived, and almost at the same time. Same generation sensor, same generation processor and firmware. We can finally compare apples to apples, oranges to oranges… or can we? The X-Pro series has always been the official flagship body; but the original X-Pro1 couldn’t keep up with the 2 years newer X-T1, the unofficial top-of-the-line body for Fujifilm. The X-T1 had the latest sensor, processor, firmware, superior EVF, AF and was weather resistant…it had everything! The only thing the X-Pro1 had over the X-T1 was the hybrid viewfinder, higher resolution LCD screen and the ‘pro’ designation. Yes the X-Pro1 had the name, but the X-T1 was the top choice when it came to working pros (as well as the X100T). Fast forward to 2016. Fujifilm has a fully matured eco-system. There are basically two body types: the rangefinder-style and the DSLR-style. I say ‘style’ because neither category of body types are technically rangefinders or DSLRs, but they do conform to the ergonomic and functional purpose of these camera types. Which ‘type’ is better, the DSLR or the rangefinder? Which is better, the latest X-T2 or the X-Pro2? Apples to apples, or is it still apples to oranges?

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