17 Oct Fujifilm X-T2 Review! The Awesome, the Issues, and the Future?

=======A Brief Summary of the Fuji X-T2 review video=======

The Good:
• Awesome EVF (Love the eyecup)
• Autofocus is fast
• Continuous Autofocus tracking is excellent
• Face Detect Autofocus works great
• Fast frames per second (up to 14FPS!)
• Amazing Fuji color profiles!
• Build quality is outstanding
• Ergonomics are fantastic
• Joystick makes selecting focus points super easy
• Lots or buttons, switches, dials, mean quick access to important functions without going into menus
• Camera menu is pretty intuitive
• Dual Memory card slots are handy
• Button Customization is pretty good
• We liked the battery grip – would be a great addition for pros
• This camera could easily be used professionally
• Excellent selection of Fujinon XF Lenses available
• Shoots 4K video (but with a 1.17x crop)

After spending two weeks with the camera, this is likely going to be the system we switch to from Canon for photography.