03 Apr Fujifilm X-T2 Review: Now Shooting!

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Shortly after posting  Field Test Part II, our X-T2 sample was abruptly confiscated from us by our friends at Fuji, in order to give other reviewers out there a shot at the camera. I went into a state of shock for some time, having really bonded with the camera and was eager to continue with our testing, but with no sample at my disposal all I could do was stare at the lenses on the shelf. This waiting further fueled my inner fire to finally get another sample, because I was yearning to try it out in the portrait world. My repeated requests were finally answered. What makes the X-T2 so special as a portrait-shooting companion? A variety of interweaving factors, and we’ll take a closer look at many of them here….

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