16 Jul Fujifilm X-T2 in the Real World | The Portfolio of Bryan Minear

My first real experience putting the X-T2 + Booster Grip to the test was a rainy wedding. The ceremony had to be moved indoors, and the lighting wasn’t great. I set both the Pro2/T2 to Auto ISO to max out at 12,800 with a minimum shutter speed of 1/125 to stop the motion, and the camera performed without any sort of hiccup. I was a tad nervous that it was a pre-production unit and I had my X-T1 on standby in case anything odd happened, but it never did. I have never really used continuous AF, but really got to mess around with what the X-T2 has to offer and it definitely blew me away. The settings are very customizable depending on your AF needs and what you are shooting. They even give you AF “presets” to help you decide what would be best given the circumstance. But the real game changer for me was the inclusion of the focus lever, we all knew this was coming after it was introduced on the X-Pro2, but what I wasn’t considering is that the another focus lever would be available for shooting vertically on the booster grip…