18 Jul Fujifilm X-T2 in the Real World | Bryan Minear

Source: FUJI X PRO1

I was lucky enough to spend a few months with a pre-production X-T2 and let me tell you: I put this thing to WORK. Let me first state what this review will NOT be. I’m not going to regurgitate tech specs that you can easily find on any retail website, I feel that we are constantly bombarded with that stuff and while its good to know, seeing it once is enough. What I AM going to tell you about is how, as a hustling photographer, I put this thing through its paces. I am also going to preempt this with the standard disclaimer *this is a pre-production unit with a pre-production firmware*blah* blah* and I am also under no obligation to say good things about Fujifilm cameras. I was using them long before they made me an X-Photographer because I thoroughly enjoy their system more than any other…….

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