23 Feb Fujifilm X-T2 In The House

Source: Fujifilm Insider

As many of you will have noticed, I have written next to nothing about Fujifilm cameras, aside from a short piece on the wonderful colour I got from my original X100. I didn’t pay the original X-Pro1 or X-T1 too much attention either, but that’s largely due to a lack of time. However, with the X-Pro2 really raising the bar in terms of sensor performance and (most importantly) autofocus, my interest really piqued. Now the X-T2 has further improved AF performance (and the X-Pro2 has received a firmware upgrade), I figured I really had to see what the fuss was about. So I have. I now have a X-T2 right in front of me, complete with power booster.

I’m going to be writing lots and lots about this camera. Why? Well, two reasons really. Firstly, I know they have been selling like hot cakes, which tends to mean something good is going on. Secondly, if it is as good as some say it is, it’s a camera that will see quite a few more people give up their DSLRs and move over to mirrorless. With 8fps as standard and 11fps with the power booster (14 fps using the electronic shutter), this camera has really stepped up expectations for a DSLR-alike mirrorless camera.

I’ll let my thoughts take their own shape as I get shooting with it, but right from the outset, there are a few angles I think I’d like to explore….

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