29 Aug Fujifilm X-T2 for Photojournalism

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Saturday, 5 August, 2017: just got back from shooting a breaking story. I was enjoying a barbecued rib eye steak when I got a text from my editor: an outbuilding at a local hospital is on fire. My gear is always ready, always in the trunk of my car. Two X-T2 bodies, the XF 16-55 2.8 R LM, and XF 50-140 f/2.8 R LM OIS, and the X500 flash, among other equipment. I shot with both bodies and lenses. I love those breakers.

So, how does the X-T2 perform for this photojournalist? For background, I was one of those teenagers who always had a camera around his neck. For me it wasn’t just about taking pictures – although I loved that – it was about telling stories. I knew at age 20 I wanted to be a “newspaper photographer.” As a non-professional, I shot with Nikon. Then, as a photojournalist, in 2010, I switched to Canon. Then shot with both. Then I switched totally to Canon, although I loved shooting with both.…

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