31 Mar FUJIFILM X-T2 Firmware Update V 2.00 – What’s New?

Source: Fujifilm Insider

With their first foray into the 4K video-capable mirrorless market, the FUJIFILM X-T2 impressed us with what it had to offer after its release in 2016. After showing promising results while on an initial hands-on test in a documentary shooting environment, and later in a head-to-head lab test against the venerable Sony A7s II, we knew FUJIFILM now had a strong contender in the mirrorless video market. 

It’s clear that no camera is perfect, especially a one-and-a-half-grand cropped sensor. As always, there were a few cons to the many pros that this camera had to offer. With V 2.00, FUJIFILM has addressed the following issues that we found in video mode.

  • ISO settings are now accessible during recording, meaning you are no longer locked into whatever ISO you selected before hitting record.
  • Similarly, the eye sensor on the EVF now remains active while recording, meaning you can change between EVF and LCD while in the middle of a take.
  • You can now activate Autofocus while recording, either by pressing the shutter release button or the dedicated AF-ON button.
  • The histogram is now available in video mode, providing you key exposure aid while recording video.
  • The default mic input level has been reduced a tad to prevent audio clipping….

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