28 Apr Fujifilm X-System: A Personal View

Source: Fujifilm Insider

What I am about to say is not spin, I haven’t been ‘put up to it’ and it has involved spending lots of money. My money. As some of you will have deduced, I have bought into the X-System in quite a big way. This information may be irrelevant to you, but I thought I would share my thought processes in case it is helpful. I hope it will also contextualise the opinions I have shared to date. This may be especially poignant because of the systems I already own, or have recently owned. However, in a nutshell, my motivation was simplification and flexibility. I own far too many cameras and lenses, some of which are getting too little use.

My X-System at the time of writing. There is space for a few more lenses, especially the 16mm f1.4 R

As you may be aware, I left Leica M behind (perhaps six months ago). I did this because other systems have become so very strong on image quality (there being pros and cons between systems) and compactness. With the painfully high cost of bodies (and never wanting to travel with less than two), it no longer made sense to remain with Leica for their wonderful M system. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and still wince when I think that most of my lenses are already gone. But at the end of the day, I am a pragmatist. I love the ‘window into the world’ and I love the lenses, but simply put, I find I can get the result I want on far cheaper systems that are more flexible. As always, YMMV….

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