21 Dec Fujifilm X Raw Studio review

Source: Macfilos

Liverpool Pier Head after Velvia conversion in Fujifilm X Raw Studios with no extra tweaking outside the system. Below: The RAW image as shot

Released by Fujifilm in November 2017, this is a new kind of software for RAW conversion. Instead of doing conversions on your computer in software such as Lightroom, Capture One, Iridient Developer or Affinity Photo, FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO, once installed on your computer, enables one to do RAW conversion in a compatible camera connected via its USB port to your computer.

It sounds kind of crazy. After all we’ve spent years downloading our images to computers via cables, from SD or other cards and, more recently wirelessly, in order to do our RAW conversions in our favoured converter which just has to reside on the computer, doesn’t it? No longer, at least for some Fuji camera owners.


The original RAW file on left and the Velvia conversion on right, just before pressing CONVERT button

Lets look at the supposed “madness” head on. Fuji have in fact been very smart. Their cameras have been winning increasing approval from a growing number of photographers because of the quality of their jpegs straight out of the camera, amongst other good reasons. Yet this powerful in-camera processor is massively under-utilised when not actually being used to take photographs. You might say it’s looking for a job. It therefore starts to make sense to hook up the camera to your computer and use that processor more intensively…

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