18 Jan Fujifilm X RAW Studio and X RAW Studio vs Lightroom

Source: Fuji Addict

I like many haven’t really found a use for Fujifilm X RAW Studio in my workflow, but the above video from Fujifilm about Yukio Uchida made me reconsider the utility of the software a little. If you like to shoot a final baked in photo with JPG like Yukio Uchida than X RAW Studio can help you learn all of the JPG tweaks available on Fujifilm cameras on a bigger screen, which will shrink your learning curve and allow you to try more film simulations and settings than you might have otherwise.

Similarly, Fujifilm X RAW Studio could help convert JPG shooters into RAW shooters by showing them just how far Fujifilm RAW files can be pushed. X RAW Studio is an interesting tool I will be including it in my next RAW engine comparison, but I am curious how much use it is getting. It is good to see that Lightroom and X RAW Studio have very similar final colors for their Fujifilm simulations from the limited amount of testing out there and maybe I will explore that more in the future too…

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