08 Jan Fujifilm X-Pro2 Tips

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Here are a couple of tips for using the Fuji X-Pro2, the tips might apply to your camera even if not the XP2.


One of my favorite accessories for the X-Pro2 is the metal hand grip, which also comes with a metal base plate. The hand grip improves the handling of the camera, especially when shooting one handed; but I really like it for the plate.

The base plate does double duty. First, it has the Arca-Swiss compatible groove so the camera is always ready for a tripod, assuming you use a tripod with that mount, but it is the most common with plates and ball heads readily available.

Secondly, the all metal base plate offers a layer of protection on the bottom of the camera. It is the first in line to take the scrapes and bangs that happen. After 3+ months using my camera, I can take the plate off and it looks practically brand new.
Fujifilm MHG-XPRO2 Metal Hand Grip (Black)



My biggest gripe with the X-Pro2 is the exposure compensation dial and that it accidentally gets moved while using my camera. Often the first couple of shots will be over/under exposed or more if I don’t chimp, see below. This is a common problem — see hereherehere, and here — I hope Fuji addresses it with a software fix since there is no hardware lock.
Fujifilm X-Pro2 Body Professional Mirrorless Camera (Black)

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