07 Jun Fujifilm X-Pro2 Color Profile Camera Settings

Source: Sebastian Boatca

In the era of the digital cameras, where things are so much easier (and sometimes more complicated, too), we have the chance to configure the digital camera, in my case, a Fujifilm X-Pro2, so the settings we make can offer us consistency, speed and comfort when photographing. As the time passes by and technology progresses, the menus of the digital cameras get more complex, as the cameras can perform a lot more functions, including video capture, applying some creative effects on the image, processing the RAW files right inside the camera and so on. Who would have thought about Bluetooth and Wi-Fi inside our cameras, a few years ago? Well, someone did and now we use those features, to gain speed in sharing and transferring the files to a portable device.

Getting back to Fujifilm mirrorless cameras and especially to the X-Pro2 (which is the camera I am happily using now), the level of customizing your camera goes quite deep, at least for my expectations. You can shoot in RAW, or JPEG, or both combined and you can customize the quality and size of each type of image file. To get a complete overview of the totality of the menu settings for Fujifilm X-Pro2, the best way is to download and read the PDF user manual. I won’t get into that kind of technical details, but I’ll tell you about the settings that I use for the Color Profiles…

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