10 Aug FujiFilm X-Pro2

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Well, I have mentioned it prior in my ramblings but I finally have it! I have acquired the camera I have wanted ever since I switched over to Fuji from Sony a few months back. I am now the proud owner of the rangefinder style X-Pro2, and so far, I’m smitten. Ok that’s probably an exaggeration to some extent but I truly am excited to have one in my possession.

I wont bore you with the tech as it can be found in almost every review and blog post on the internet, so I’ll just dive right in to why I love it and think its perfect for me. Before I get to far ahead, I want to remind you I still have my trusty FujiFilm Xt-1 and love it but there is something so sexy ( yep that just happened ) about the rangefinder style body and I have zero shame in that. If you don’t know what the difference is between DSLR style and Rangefinder style, simply put the viewfinder is all the way on the far left of the camera body and not front and center like other cameras. Why do I like this better? I’m so glad you asked. ( humor here already )…

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