13 Mar Fujifilm X-Photographer Interview: Patrick La Roque

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Continuing with our monthly interview feature, this month I had the opportunity to speak to Patrick La Roque, a wonderful visual storyteller and Fujifilm X-Photographer based in Montreal, Canada.

Welcome to the FujiLove blog, Patrick! First of all, I wonder if you could explain what it was that first drew you to the Fujifilm X Series and whether you feel there are any particular features still missing from the system?

It’s a pleasure to be here – thanks for having me. I came to the X Series with the very first one: the X100. Actually, it wasn’t even the X Series yet, was it? And I essentially fell for what it stood for: this return to a classic form factor, the manual controls…the entire ethos really. Japan had created this brilliant ad for the camera prior to its release: a very dark, poetic and almost troubling black and white piece, full of intense imagery…I don’t think a lot of people ever saw this but you can still find it online. It just made me want to shoot, period. It made me want to crawl through alleys and find some sort of mystical truth. Then, of course, I actually got my hands on the X100…despite its flaws, it changed my entire approach to photography. I bought the X-Pro1 a year later, ditched my Nikon kit and never looked back. It’s hard to explain but a lot of it has to do with a certain physical bond that I haven’t found in other systems and is still present to this day. That and…well, the actual images themselves: at the end of the day that’s what counts and I’ve never felt let down….

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