02 Sep Fujifilm X-H1 Current Impressions

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Someone said here the other day that each generation of new cameras is less interesting than the last. There’s something to that.

But as Exhibit One for the rebuttal, let me propose the Fujifilm X-H1. Yes, it’s true, the wild-and-woolly “frontier market” of pell-mell growth is over. The camera industry is in steep decline (adjustment?) lately. Smartphones have cut the guts out of the popular mass market for digital point-and-shoots, which barely exist now. And we’re paying more for cameras than ever before, or at least we are while they’re glistening with newness. (But not for the X-H1, which, at $999 for the body, the battery grip, and three batteries is currently the best bargain out there. They’re not giving them away literally, but figuratively they sure are. I’ll link to the kit, which I usually don’t do, because it looks like B&H is going to fulfill those orders first. Order, then cross your fingers and hope you actually get one.) (Oh, and FujiRumors is now saying there will be no X-H2 in 2019…or maybe even 2020.)…

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