06 Apr Fujifilm X-E4 review: small size, big image quality

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Product photography by Dan Bracaglia

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The Fujifilm X-E4 is a lightweight, rangefinder-styled camera built around a 26MP APS-C sized sensor that uses the company’s X-mount lineup of lenses. Billed as a fun-to-use and compact photographic companion, the X-E4 is the smallest X-mount camera on the market, encouraging you to keep it around wherever you go.

With Fujifilm’s latest sensor and processor combo, the X-E4 inherits a lot of the goodies from the most recent Fujifilm cameras, including updated autofocus, solid video specs and really impressive burst shooting rates. And if you’re a JPEG shooter, you now have eighteen of Fujifilm’s excellent film simulations to choose from.

We’ve always found the X-E series to be a fun companion for photo walks. Out-of-camera JPEG shot using the Provia or standard film simulation.

ISO 160 | 1/480 sec | F8 | Fujifilm XF 35mm F1.4 R
Photo: Carey Rose

We’ve been fans of Fujifilm’s X-E series going back to the original Fujifilm X-E1. We enjoy the size, controls, and styling – and of course, the image quality. But since the release of the X-T3, the first Fujifilm camera to use the newer 26MP sensor, the X-E series has lagged

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