22 Dec Fujifilm X-E3 reviewed

Source: Macfilos

Fuji’s X-E1 represented my first introduction to the X range and I found it to be just the right size, with impressive retro rangefinder styling and a great ability to work with manual M lenses. That was five years ago and mirrorless cameras have come a long way since then. While the new X-E3 looks very similar to granddad, everything is unsurprisingly faster and better. This is now a very well-rounded and desirable little camera.

I had a brief play with the X-E3 when I met Fujifilm’s Carl Hare at a recent Park Cameras open day. It reminded me very much of the Leica CL which I had round my neck at the time — the sort of camera that offers a great deal in a small package. In many ways these two cameras are directly comparable. Both are great performers and, if I didn’t have a foot in Leica fandom I could be tempted either way.

The X-E3 comes in silver and black, as above…


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