07 Sep Fujifilm X-E3 offers 24MP sensor and extensive touch control

Source: Fujifilm Insider

Fujifilm has announced the X-E3, sporting a 24.3MP X-Trans sensor and 4K video capture. It updates the X-E2S, which was itself a fairly minor update to the X-E2, so brings a number of welcome upgrades.

The X-E3 borrows much of its hardware from the X-T20, including a 325-point AF system with a handy new AF Area All option that activates various modes as the AF point size is changed. The camera also uses an updated subject tracking algorithm that claims better success tracking smaller and faster objects. Its predecessor’s built-in flash has been omitted, but an EF-X8 accessory flash is included in the box.

Video recording at 4K/30p is offered, taken by the full width of the sensor. Full 1080 HD can be had at up to 60p. The X-E3 continues to offer Wi-Fi, and adds the option for a constant Bluetooth low energy connection to a smartphone.

The X-E2S’s fixed 3″ 1.04M-dot LCD has been upgraded to a (still non-articulated) touchscreen in the X-E3, and a new feature called Touch Function puts additional customizable touch controls at the user’s fingertips. The camera’s rear control panel loses the directional navigation buttons in favor of touch control, but gains an AF joystick.

The Fujifilm X-E3 is expected to arrive in September in three kit configurations: body-only for $900, with 18-55mm for $1300, or with 23mm F2 R WR for $1150…

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