11 Dec Fujifilm X Cameras vs Medium Format Film

Source: Fuji Love

As a guy who started shooting 30 years ago, I obviously used film and learned how to develop and print it, and I’m obviously nostalgic about it. However, like most of my colleagues, I also transitioned from film to digital, happily closing that transition around 2015, when I got my first Fujifilm camera, the X100T. Because Fujifilm sensors share just so much in terms of quality and textures with films, finally I felt I wasn’t losing anything. Despite all of this, one year ago I had to include a medium format film camera in my bag again. The recent trends in photography have brought back film so much that suddenly I started feeling that I had been losing clients just because I didn’t offer the option of film. So, after a little research I found a beautiful, old Pentax 645N with the 105 f2.4 for the 6×7, and a 6×7 to 645 ring adapter. A great combo. I got a bunch of Fuji PRO 400H films too. The 400H is a nice colour film, gently saturated but with dense contrast. However, if you overexposure it by at least a couple of stops, which basically means treating it like it was …

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