01 Nov Fujifilm X-A3 Review: When Tradition Meets Technology

Source: Fujifilm Insider

The mirrorless camera market is on the rise, prices are falling down, the devices are getting more capable with each passing year, portability is the name of the game and so on. I’m sure you all know the story by now. We believe that you also know what companies could be considered the big dogs at this moment, meaning that each camera they produce has something compelling to offer, no matter its class or price point.

Body and handling

We know that we’re repeating ourselves when talking about the X-A3’s design, but believe it or not it’s imperative to the identity of this particular camera. If a manufacturer can’t for one reason or another equip their device with a feature set that would please every type of photographer, then they need to try to differentiate it from the competition with everything the camera has to its side and the Fujifilm X-A3 certainly has its body and design as one of its strongest selling points. Now, we’re not talking about a camera that is made to sustain rough working conditions and survive any kind of harsh weather, but one that is built decently well and can be kept in pristine condition with some care from the user. And this is a camera someone could easily fall in love with and use it responsibly enough to keep it looking good as long as possible. Having a choice of three different colors (red, black and brown) should also help with choosing the model that speaks to you. Aside from having an attractive design, the Fujifilm X-A3 is also quite a comfortable camera to use. It’s just the right size to be very portable, has a protruding front grip for a more secure hold and is also quite light with a weight of only 301 grams (including the battery). It certainly won’t wow anyone with its build quality, but it’s certainly a nice portable camera that should never become cumbersome to use, even after longer periods of time….



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