24 Jan Fujifilm, What Kind of Magic?

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There’s no doubting that Fujifilm cameras have an extremely loyal band of followers – but what’s the secret? Somewhere in suburban Muscat I sat down at a coffee shop, along with another photographer and a few staff from an ultra bike race that I was shooting. It was early March 2019, and as I put my camera on the table the other photographer also laid down his new Sony, which he was using to shoot both stills and video for the race organisation. With a wry and almost nervous smile he asked; “Ahh Fuji, how are they?” We got into one of those photographer only conversations that bore the heck out of anyone unfortunate enough to be sat at the same table. He was quite surprised that I wasn’t praising the heck out of my hallowed Fuji, and then relaxed a little and continued; “The Fuji shooters, hah, they’re a pretty loyal bunch, and get quite upset when you mention anything negative about the cameras.” The thing is that he was spot on, and although I already knew it his observations really got me thinking about that cult like Fuji adoration that many seem to have. Why are Fuji photographers […]

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