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Fujifilm Professional Service

Fujifilm have an excellent record when it comes to customer service and servicing/repair of their customers equipment with service & repair centres across all major European countries with larger service centres located in UK, France & Portugal. All service centres are staffed by Fujifilm’s highly skilled repair engineers to make sure any servicing or repairs are done to a high standard.

As more and more professional photographers are switching to Fujifilm mirrorless cameras like the X-Series X-Pro2 & X-T2 and the additional launch of Fujifilm’s GFX medium format camera on 1st March 2017… Fujifilm, after carrying out extensive research and listening to photographer feedback for the need to have a dependable service with a guaranteed service time have announced their new Fujifilm Professional Service (Fujifilm FPS) which will be available from 1st March 2017 which will be available in biggest markets like UK & Germany and will gradually expand to major European markets such as Turkey & Russia.

How does Fujifilm Professional Service work?

There is an annual cost of £260 (300 euro) but will be offered free for 2 years to those who qualify. Qualification is offered to working photographers and also those who own a Fujifilm GFX medium format camera or at least 2 professional camera bodies and 3 XF lenses.

FPS service includes:

·         Maximum 15 day turnaround for X Series camera’s and lenses and a 10 day turnaround for Fujifilm GFX bodies and lenses. This is calculated between pick-up & delivery.If the turnaround time cannot be met, for example, if parts are not available… Fujifilm will offer the customer a free loan until the customers repaired camera is returned to them.

·         Free health check and sensor clean for up to 2 products in any one year

·         Dedicated telephone line support

·         15% discount on any out-of-warranty repair

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