11 Apr Fujifilm Mirrorless, why switch?

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“In December 2015, at the Boston Public Library, I photographed my last wedding with DSLRS. Every shot I’ve taken since has been on Fujifilm Mirrorless Cameras.”


WEIGHT. The Fujifilm X gear weighs ~ 1/2 of what the Canon & Nikon gear does. This matters when carrying two cameras plus extra lenses for 8-12 hours. I’ve discovered some other benefits too: I think Fuji’s AWB, highlight-holding, and detail are superior. I also have come to love the WYSIWYG electronic viewfinder, big manual dials, and the articulating lcd screen. It’s a great system and I’m very happy using it.

YES. 1 AF (auto focus) speed and accuracy is not as good as DSLR’s in low light. 2 There’s a flash situation.

The new XT-2 addressed what, for me, was the biggest mirrorless camera drawback: AF (auto focus). The New AF is superior to my old 5D mark 3 DSLRs in bright situations, about on par with in medium light, but still struggles in the dark. In very low light mirrorless cameras are going to lose to a pro DSLR.

I think the XT-2 is better at this than other mirrorless cameras but still has a way to go. XT-2 has additional improvements over other mirrorless cameras too: less EVF lag, 512000 iso, 11fps, AF selection nub, dual card slots, more detail, 24mp, and more.

The flash situation is less of an issue for me since I prefer available light and do not use strobes outside of a dark wedding reception….

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