06 Jul Fujifilm makes Photography fun again

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Innovation and creativity are my greatest qualities. As a “creative” head in very different industries (creation, development and marketing of games and puzzles… it’s a long time ago…), I began with photography about 12 years ago.

After some business trips in different beautiful places in this world, I perceived the beauty of nature and asked myself: why don’t you have a camera to fix all these beauties? Until then, I shoot the usual family photos (communion, baptism, vacation) with a small analog camera.

My first digital camera was a Canon Powershot A85, which I purchased in an electronic supermarket. Since than, I did not have any idea about photography. I was really convinced by the vendor of this supermarket to buy this small camera. I remember exactly the words of the vendor: “Do you really know what you are holding in your hands? A 4 megapixel camera!!!!

I tell him that I have a business trip in the next weeks and that I want to use the camera especially for this reason. He replied: Just reduce the pixel size to 2 megapixels, then you get twice as many pictures on the 256 MB memory card. And that’s exactly what I did, I dumb. The few “usable” images were from Angkor Wat.

One of my business customers was a member of a photo club. I told him about my trips in foreign countries and the beautiful landscapes I discovered. He invited me to join him on a meeting

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