26 Apr Fujifilm launches professional support program for GFX system in the US

Source: DP Review

Starting in May Fujifilm will provide a professional support program for its GFX medium format system. Photographers who want to take advantage of the Fujifilm Professional Services (GFX FPS) program have to own the GFX camera and at least one GFX lens. You also have to sign up within 30 days of purchase of a GFX product and be based in the continental United States.

The cost of the program is $499 per year which buys you the following goods and services:

Welcome kit Personalized FPS Card confirming exclusive access to dedicated hotline technician telephone and email support 30% discount on non-warranty repairs for Covered GFX System products Expedited two business day turnaround time for repairs with free 2-day express shipping to and from the repair facility 4 Check & Clean program service vouchers 50% discount on additional Check & Clean program services and 2 business day turnaround for check and clean services with complimentary 2-day express return shipping for all service GFX system product loaners for covered equipment in repair may also be available upon request if repair is expected to exceed two business days

If you are Fujifilm GFX owner and thinking the program might be useful to you, you can find more information and register to become a member on the Fujifilm website.


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